Friday, January 29, 2016

Quiet (Five-Minute-Friday)

I've always been a quiet person.  Sometimes that's the first thing someone will say about me after meeting me . . . "Wow, you're really quiet."  People sometimes assume that because I'm quiet, that I must really have that quiet and gentle spirit talked about in the Bible.

While I'd like to say that's true, I have to admit that sometimes my outward calm is just covering up the chaos in my heart.

Isaiah 30 describes God's people running to Egypt for refuge and help.  They run away from the God who delivered them from that place to begin with, seeing help from those who once enslaved them.

God tells them where their help lies.

For the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, has said: "You will be delivered by returning and resting; your strength will lie in quiet confidence. . . ." Isaiah 30:15

He tells them how to have a quiet heart, trusting in Him and finding true rest and peace in Him.

They refuse.

But yet, God in His mercy, waits for them.

I see myself in these people.  Running to anything and everything to satisfy the ache inside.  But I won't have a quiet heart until I find my confidence in the One who created my heart.

"Therefore the LORD is waiting to show you mercy, and is rising up to show you compassion, for the LORD is a just God. All who wait patiently for Him are happy." Isaiah 30:18

Monday, January 25, 2016


I know we've moved past posts about New Year's Resolutions and such.  But here's another one, even though we're getting close to being done with January.

Actually, it's not about resolutions.  For the most part, I've given up on resolutions; whether that's good or bad, I'm not sure.  I definitely think they have their place, and as believers we are to pursue holiness and determine in our hearts to walk in His ways.  I have found that I'm pretty terrible at keeping resolutions though, and end up feeling discouraged and defeated.

So this year, instead of having resolutions, I have a word of the year.

The word I chose to focus on this year is brokenness.

I know how to live a "perfect" Christian life.  I know the right Bible answers to give people and how to look like I have it all together.

But if I'm doing all the right things just to make myself look good to others, while ignoring the true condition of my heart, then I'm in a bad place.

Brokenness means being honest with God and with others.  It means being humble and admitting when I've disobeyed God and seeking His forgiveness and redemption and taking necessary steps of repentance.  It means asking others for help and accountability.

If I'm not willing to be broken, I won't experience the abundant life that Christ promises those who follow Him.  If I don't humble myself before God, I won't experience a close relationship with Him or true, sweet fellowship with other believers.

So my prayer for 2016 is that God would help me to be broken, and that through brokenness I would know Him better and walk in true holiness.

I recently finished reading Brokenness by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, and it has helped me better understand the biblical definition of brokenness, as well as it's importance in the life of a believer.  I would encourage you to read it if you get the chance!  You will be challenged as well as encouraged in your walk with God.

Do you have a word for this year?