I met you in a story
Upon an autumn eve;
We built a treetop hideout
Among the russet leaves.

I met you in a story
Upon a snowy morn; 
We wreathed a deer in holly
And fed him sweet white corn.

I met you in a story
Upon a summer night;
We took your sloop exploring
Through seas of silver light.

I met you in a story
Upon a rainy day; 
We rode on armored stallions
Into the battle fray.

I met you in a story-
And, friend, I do believe
I'll meet you in that treetop
Another autumn's eve.
-Eileen M. Berry

This was the poem in the very front of my Reading textbook back in 4th grade.

I've met so many people and gone on incredible adventures throughout my life, and not just in the books I've read.  Real life is an adventure too.

And so, I named this blog I Met You in a Story because here I want to share the adventures, stories, and lessons of this life with those I meet along the way. 

Here I also want to remind myself and others that God is the Author of this story, and all the glory belongs to Him.  

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