Monday, November 23, 2015

Me Ke Aloha: A Bittersweet Sixteen

 Please read this post and pray for this sweet girl to find a family before it's too late!

Me Ke Aloha: A Bittersweet Sixteen: A friend of mine recently contacted me.  She asked if I'd be willing to let her write an anonymous guest post on my blog.  I know this ...

Friday, November 13, 2015


Sometimes it's a crazy, fast-paced schedule that makes you weary.

Other times it's emotional pain that doesn't seem to be going away.  Or a struggle against a sin that is intense and leaves you wanting to just give up.

Maybe it's anxiety or loss of control or relationships that are broken.

There is much in this sin-cursed world that brings weariness to our souls.

But I think the biggest cause for weariness is not leaving all of those things in the hands of our faithful Creator.  It's forgetting that He is still good, still sovereign, still loving -- no matter what.

Not for a moment will He forsake those who are His.

After all You are constant
After all You are only good
After all You are sovereign
Not for a moment will You forsake me
-Not for a Moment by Meredith Andrews

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


"Each strand of sorrow has a place within this tapestry of grace.  So through the trials I'll choose to say: 'Your perfect will in Your perfect way.'"
I was listening to the song "The Perfect Wisdom", and this line stood out to me.  Just yesterday God showed me how I've been responding to a particular difficulty that I'm going through by escaping.  Escaping into books, a dream world, sin - anything but running to the only One who can truly give me refuge.

In running to anything other than my Savior, I'm telling Him that I don't trust Him.  I'm telling Him that He made a mistake.  I'm telling Him that I deserve better. 

But He never makes a mistake!

His wisdom is perfect.  He is completely sovereign.  He is completely good.  The truth is that I deserve hell because of my sin, but He has rescued me from the kingdom of darkness and transferred me into His Kingdom.  He has given me everything I need for life and godliness.

Who am I to complain that life isn't going the way I wanted it to?

The only logical response is to humble myself before Him, trusting that He is using every circumstance to bring Himself glory and to make me like Him.

His plan is better than anything I could think up on my own, even when it doesn't feel like it.

And no matter what, He is good.


Friday, November 6, 2015


Back in April I went to Ecuador with my friend to teach English and visit the jungle.  The trip definitely had its challenges.  It stretched me and put me way out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing.

The most amazing part of that trip was staying with two girls named Elli and Lili.  These girls didn't speak English.  They didn't have a big fancy house.  But they had big hearts and love for Jesus.  They opened their home to my friend and me for that week.

It was awkward at first.  We spoke different languages, which obviously made communication a challenge.  But I think the fact that we had to work at communicating made us closer in the end.

One evening they decided we needed to learn to dance.  They turned on music and the salsa dancing lessons began.  My friend and I weren't any good at it, and Elli and Lili weren't afraid to tell us that . . . ;)

But as we danced around their small living room, we laughed until we cried.

The fellowship the four of us had as sisters in Christ was beautiful, even though we didn't speak the same language.

I left part of my heart in Ecuador.

But I still can't dance.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Make a Difference

Last year in January I took a trip that was life changing.  For years I had dreamed of going to India.  I still don't know for sure why I had such a longing to go to that country, except that maybe it's a dream that God put in my heart.

I remember imagining what it would be like to step of the plane and finally be in India.  It was going to be the most amazing moment ever.

Then, last year, that moment came.  It definitely was not what I had hoped it would be.  I was feeling sick and terrified.  Thankfully, the trip got better and my time in India was incredible.  I love that country, and I hope that I get to go back someday.

One of the most life-changing things that I experienced in India was going with my cousin to meet the little girl she sponsors through Compassion.  It was so humbling to meet her and be treated with such honor by her and her family, as well as the other Compassion kids there.  They put on a special program just for us.  Then we went to this little girl's house.  They treated us like royalty.  I'll never forget how excited they were to show us the plastic green lawn chairs they had bought with some of the money my cousin had sent.  It seems like such a little thing to us, but they were so thankful to have chairs to sit on in their small home. 

I saw what a difference Compassion is making in those lives.

My dream is to go back and meet my little girl, Susmita, who lives in India also.

But even if I never get to meet her, I know that giving to her and praying for her is making a difference in the lives of her and her family.

You can make a difference too!  Not only do Compassion kids get a chance to be educated so that they can earn a living someday, but they also get to hear how Jesus loves them and died and rose again for them.

Make a difference in the life of a child.  A child like Judah . . .