Five Minute Friday: Miss

Friday, May 6, 2016

When I saw that the word for today is "miss", I immediately thought of what lots of little people call me . . . Miss Mandy.

I love being Miss Mandy.  I love that I get to invest in the lives of little ones.  These kiddos bring so much joy to my life and teach me more than I will ever teach them.

I love it when they see me and their faces light up and I hear "Hi Miss Mandy!"  I love it when they can't wait to tell me about their week and the exciting things they got to do or the things they accomplished.  I love hearing them pray.  Their child-like faith challenges me when they talk to God about whatever is on their minds, completely trusting that He is able to care for them.  I love seeing them develop hearts of compassion for those around them and around the world.

But it also makes me tremble.  I see kids every week who look up to me.  They trust me.  Am I truly living what I'm teaching them?  The way I follow Jesus matters, not just in my own life, but in theirs.  They are watching how I live, and if I walk away from the Truth or live in a way that dishonors God, they will notice.

I long for these little ones to know Jesus better and grow to love Him, and I never want to distract them from Him.  I desire to live in a way that shows them how amazing Jesus is and causes them to want to serve Him.

Only by His grace.

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betweenbluerocks said...

The sweetest of titles! I loved being "Miss Stacy" with various groups of littles at different points, and just now I'm not, and I miss it. :) Keep treasuring those times!

Carly said...

Beautiful post! I love how much we can learn from children. And I'm sure you're having a great influence. Just the fact that you love Jesus and want to show that love to them will have a big impact.

Andrew said...

I love the way you described this awesome responsibility, Mandy.

Before I became too ill, I taught at the college level...and found that I had to stand ready to be a spiritual counselor to students of different faiths. A strange position, to be sure, and I had to become very familiar with not only the Bible, but also the Qu'ran and the Guru Granth Sahib.

I did my best.

#2 at FMF this week.